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    Default ssh nohup connection

    Good morning all !

    Can any one point out me towards this small issue. I would like to use ssh connection to connect remote server and run command. Once done i would like to quit ssh but keep running command in background. someone told me to use nohup but i' m unable to use it. Please give me syntax or usage of same. Thanks a lot for reading

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    You can use ssh

    ssh user@server

    Once logged in try nohup as follows
    # nohup command &
    # exit

    # nohup &
    # exit

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    Default Remote command via ssh with nohup


    I am having a server, which normaly doesn't use X. However i am using Xvfb when i connect to it via SSH, and seting tunneling to vnc port. Server script looks is

    xset -display :25 -q &> /dev/null
    if [ $? != 0 ]; then
      echo "Starting X'es"
      nohup startx startkde -- Xvfb :25 -screen 0 1270x740x24 &> /dev/null &
      echo "X'es started"
    x11vnc -display :25
    When I log in normally via ssh, and then run a script, the Xvfb session lasts as long as i don't log out of kde - which means that i can freely create and close VNC connections without killing X sever.
    However when i use ssh remote command to automate process (simply a saved putty session with set up host address, tunneling and script name) then as soon as i close VNC connection, and script ends, the Xvfb also gets killed. It's happening despite using nohup. Is this behavior normal? How to make it work?

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