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Thread: Problem authinticating LDAP through ssh on CentOS 6

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    Question Problem authinticating LDAP through ssh on CentOS 6

    Right now I am trying to get a CentOS server to allow users from an LDAP database to be able to authenticate through SSH. I can run the 'getent passwd' while I am sitting on the server and see all of the LDAP users that have access to the CentOS 6 server but when I try to ssh in as a user it will not allow me in. To me it seems like something in the sshd.conf file is not pointing to the right place to authenticate, I cannot find anywhere that this should be set. Does anyone else have any insight to this issue? Also, I am currently not using TLS.

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    There is no settings in sshd.conf related to LDAP, the main things are pam_ldap and /etc/nsswitch.conf which manage it.

    So please give us information on :

    1. LDAP Client settings, how you configured ldap client.
    2. Check /var/log/secure logs at the time of log in.
    3. also check /var/log/messages

    If you find any error logs then post it in this post, so that we can help you with the same.
    Rahul Patil <>

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