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Thread: logrotate ignore log directories

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    Default logrotate ignore log directories


    We have an internal application that writes a lot of log files into a certain directory. In addition it also creates sub directories for each batch job where it puts batch job specific logs. The list of batch job names changes over time so the only option I found is: $APP_BASE_LOGDIR/*/*.log... This was tested and found to be working.

    My problem is that the application developer requires that rotated logs should be put in $APP_BASE_LOGDIR/archive in its original form (cannot compress or modify their format in anyway )...

    My question is: Is there a way I can put a regular expression in the path that will include all sub directories except archive?


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    Noop. However, you can move archives directory somewhere else (say /root/) using the mv command before rotating logs. Once rotated move back archives directory again to original location. See postrotate...endscript and prerotate...endscript in man page.
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