Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on a customizable menu korn shell script that get its items
from a file. Most of the items execute runscripts that starts framework daemons
(most of them process container van events). I have no problem with most of the scripts
except for the one that resides on another server (server B) which I want to be able to
execute remotely so that I will not need to login to server B.

I have tried using rsh hostb -l username -n $HOME/sudo_scripts/script.sh
but the problem is that, script.sh prompts for a password when executed.
How can I do this in such a way that I can run the script remotely
and at the same time supply the password it needs in my script?

Help would be much appreciated,
Please don't give me links which won't work, I've looked at a lot of hits in google before posting.