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Thread: Restarting network service without disrupting drbd

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    Default Restarting network service without disrupting drbd

    We need to change the gateway entry in a linux server's /etc/network/interfaces file. In the same interfaces file we have drbd information.

    Can we change the gateway IP and do: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart without disrupting drbd?

    Our drbd has issues and whenever we have encountered power outages that take both cluster nodes down we have a very hard time getting them online again. We are moving off of drbd soon. Right now we'd like to make this gateway IP change with confidence that our network won't be offline, since the drbd nodes are our main file share servers and hosts for OpenLDAP and DHCP, etc...

    In other words, if it is going to have to "recover" we may just put it off as it would be too dangerous to try.
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    DRBD should recover automatically. For more see DRBD:Recovery
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