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Thread: Remove comment script

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    Question Remove comment script

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to write a shell script that removes the input (another program) comment and outputs the code only. I came with the command line solution, but I don't know how to put it into a bash program.

    Here is the command line solution:

    sed -e '1{/^#!/ {p}}; /^[\t\ ]*#/d;/\.*#.*/ {/[\x22\x27].*#.*[\x22\x27]/ !{:regular_loop s/\(.*\)*[^\]#.*/\1/;t regular_loop}; /[\x22\x27].*#.*[\x22\x27]/ {:special_loop s/\([\x22\x27].*#.*[^\x22\x27]\)#.*/\1/;t special_loop}; /\\#/ {:second_special_loop s/\(.*\\#.*[^\]\)#.*/\1/;t second_special_loop}}' "name of your program"

    Please help.

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    (Only superficially tested.)
    sed -e '/^\#/d' -e 's/[[:blank:]]\#.*//' "$file"
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