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Thread: Setup Ldap using script [CentOs5]

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    Default Setup Ldap using script [CentOs5]

    Dear all,

    I have created a script which help to create test Ldap server

    This script create three OU's and each OU has no. of users provided by us:
    1) ou=engineer
    2) ou=sales
    3) ou=people

    default password is "test" for all users. we can find users list using "slapcat | less" command , also useful for setup Ldap client and create auto home dir. after loging.

    Here is what the output looks like when run in a shell
    HTML Code:
    [root@ldap ldap_ldif]# bash
            --client-setting        -cs     print client side settings
            --configure-client      -cc     configure ldap client
            --disable-client        -dc     configure ldap client
            --run                   -r      start ldap server configuration
            --run-debug             -rd     start ldap server configuration in debug mode

    i can't paste code here because its above 1000 characters , so please find the attachment of the script.

    Hope you like it, and as always I am sure there is a much better way. However I am always learning and loving linux.

    Note: this script is created only for testing ldap auth with various application
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