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Thread: changing images for desktop background script

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    Default changing images for desktop background script

    Hi all good people,

    the other day I was visiting my girl friend who gave me a load of great images of her and me, and I thought: "Wow, these images are great! It would be nice to have them all changing on my desktop background." And so the following script was born:

        echo "dir=$dir"
        #create 'background-1.xml' file
        echo "" > $dir$namef.$extf
        echo "<background>
            </starttime>" >> $dir$namef.$extf
        #remove tmp
        cd $dir; rm tmp.txt
        #list of files in source directory   
        ls $dir > tmp.txt
        #total number of files in source directory
        number=$(ls $dir | wc -l)
        for (( i = 1; i <= $(expr $number - 1); i++ ))
            current=$(head -n $i tmp.txt | tail -n 1)
            next=$(head -n $(expr $i + 1) tmp.txt | tail -n 1)
            first=$(head -n 1 tmp.txt | tail -n 1)
            final=$(head -n $number tmp.txt | tail -n 1)
            read -r name extension <<< "$current"
            read -r next_n next_e <<< "$next"
            read -r first_n first_e <<< "$first"
            read -r final_n final_e <<< "$final"
            #check if current file is .JPG image
            echo "$extension" | grep -s 'JPG'
            if [ $? -eq 0 ] ;
                #add following text in deskfile        
                echo "<static>
                </transition>" >> $dir$namef.$extf
                echo "$name.$extension is not an image file"
        echo "<static>
        </transition>" >> $dir$namef.$extf
        echo "</background>" >> $dir$namef.$extf
        cd ~
    Input to this script is a folder filled with images that you want to be changing on your background. Output of this script is a simple xml file which is then used to activate desktop images to change as a background. I use Ubuntu Maverick. I want to modify this code to be shorter and more efficient and I want to shuffle the images.

    1. Is there more intelligent way of going through files other then my head-tail approach?

    2. How do I make the images to shuffle?

    3. Obviously I don't want to 4.JPG to be next image after each image. How do I make next image i+1 in all but last image, which points to the first one?

    4. Do I need <transition> part if I don't need any transitions?

    5. How do I fit images to screen?

    This script works file even though there is next image 4.JPG in all of them. I don't know how. Please help me make this script better.

    Best regards brothers and sisters

    Edit: I just noticed that instead of /usr/share/backgrounds/ you can use any directory to store your background images, so I changed that part. Still I get images that are cropped to my screen and I would like them to fit screen. Added 5th issue.
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