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Virtualization and Linux questions: Xen, love it, use it and have no problem when I need to create P2V or V2P with it. But our company is looking for a more robust way to deploy VM on the fly with load balancing and iSCSI SAN for images.

I have tried for hours to get OpenStack to work, either on one or (3) independent servers. Diablo looks to have issues with the Horizon Dashboard, too many complicated dependencies doing a custom install... etc.. etc... Seems SUSE just launched OpenStack as their native VM environment, but even that is only touching what OpenStack can do.

Next up was OpenQRM, got it working on a Debian/Ubuntu based kernel, was able to create a VM using the default KVM route, but then I could not get a good kernel to boot in OpenQRM using the Xen plugin or the Xen Host plugin...

So... my question is this... has anybody had any luck creating a virtualized environment with ANY software that will create VM's on the fly and has built in load balancing like OpenStack, but actually has it working?

My needs:
Main Hypervisor for Xen and KVM VMs.
PXE boot any bare metal box to a VM, add that VM to a cluster, and have it load balanced.
iSCSI connection for all my VMs, the SAN will house the VMs, the bare metal box will PXE boot to the SAN and run the OS from the SAN.

Again, OpenStack and OpenQRM claim they both can do all this, but I have yet to see it in my test bed.