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Thread: Windows software to backup projects form Linux

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    Default Windows software to backup projects form Linux

    I have LAMP server in office.All the projects are working under /var/www/html.
    My system in ofiice has 64bit windows 7.

    How do I backup projects from /var/www/html from LAMP server to one of the drives on my PC evryday? Which software I can use?

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    Default Mmmm

    Ok, so you are running under Windows 7 then? and you wanna make the backup to the same computer?

    I'm not sure I follow, if you wanna backup you Windows PC there a lot of software to do it, check for "backup software windows" that should give enough results.

    If you mean you wanna store the backup into another system the process will be the same, cause it doesn't makes any sense to make a backup of a computer into itself

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