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Thread: Linux downgrade MySQL server from version 5.5 to 5.1

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    Default Linux downgrade MySQL server from version 5.5 to 5.1

    I had to install a php ext and yum updated
    all php
    from php*5.3.6-1.el5.remi.x86_64
    to php*5.3.6-4.el5.remi.x86_64
    and all mysql
    from mysql*5.1.56-1.el5.remi.x86_64
    to mysql*5.5.14-1.el5.remi.x86_64

    Unfortunately I have problems with mysql 5.5
    and must downgrade back to mysql 5.1
    What would be the best way to do it with yum ?

    Would the following work out ?
    yum --enablerepo=remi remove php\* mysql*
    yum --enablerepo=remi --exclude=mysql*5.5* install php* mysql*
    Thank you in advance

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    yum history can be used for that but it may not available on your system. Your best option save all data (make backup). Try removing current mysql v5.5 and reinstall mysql v5.1. Make sure you keep backup all data before downgrading anything.
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