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Thread: Permission denied when installing .bin files

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    Default Permission denied when installing .bin files

    i've been trying to install a .bin file. i've already tried "chmod a+x <file>" but still, when i run the file with "./<file>" i get permission denied.. can anyone help me with this?

    mongskie@mongskie-os:/media/System/Java$ sudo chmod a+x jre-6u25-linux-i586.bin
    mongskie@mongskie-os:/media/System/Java$ ls -l
    total 21076
    -rw------- 1 mongskie mongskie 21579890 2011-06-02 21:23 jre-6u25-linux-i586.bin
    mongskie@mongskie-os:/media/System/Java$ ./jre-6u25-linux-i586.bin
    bash: ./jre-6u25-linux-i586.bin: Permission denied
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    Please note that if you want to install any software/binary/shell script that should be executable. your file is only read-write for the owner of the file. plz apply executable permissions to it.
    chmod +x jre-6u25-linux-i586.bin
    The try to execute as below
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