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Thread: Mail server in centos!!

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    Default Mail server in centos!!

    Hi all!!

    1. I am totally new to Mail server but now in our management decided to run own

    mail server, still now we are running our mail server using godaddy!! if we


    all mail accounts to here means what are the steps i need to do??

    2. I have basic idea in postfix , which is the best to configure mail server

    postfix or sendmail??

    3. any step by step document to configure mail server means please post that is

    really helpful to me!!

    4. We are using centos version 5 x86 bit

    With Regards
    Anish Kumar.V

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    Postfix is easy. I hope this guide HowTos/postfix - CentOS Wiki will help you.
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    If I were you I'd take a look to Zimbra.. It's relatively easy to setup and mantain (for small environments), but you need to have basic knowledge of how E-Mail and DNS work to perform a setup, and it's based on Postfix.
    It's not 'officially' released for CentOS, but RedHat packages work flawlessly.

    You can find a basic install guide on[remove]how-to-install-zimbra-on-centos-5-x-linux-server/ , while the instructions for Split-DNS (needed if your server is behind a router or firewall) are on the official zimbra wiki:[REMOVE]wiki/Split_DNS

    As for the migration of your mailboxes, there are many helpful tools.. Basically, it all comes down to whether you have IMAP access to your godaddy server or not..

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