Hello, I am in need of an shell script. It will probably be easy to you, but for me shell scripts are completly something new.

1) Script should take in 2 inputs ($1 and $2) which are both files or folders. The script should then check if they exist or if the input is valid. IF it does not exist it should say so. If input is not valid it should say so.

After it should compare the two files or folders (show name, maybe size, or how many files are in one and in other folder given as input). Also it should give an output of files/folders that they do not have common.

Lastly it should synchronize files in the folders starting with the newest file. Would be good if it would give a sentence that folders have been synchronized after it finishes that task.

2) Linux

3) -

4) Actually I have not started doing it myself, I just dont know how . I tried reading tutorials and so, but still did not manage.