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Thread: wild card entry for wpad

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    Default wild card entry for wpad

    I have a very peculiar problem.
    I want to configure my Bind server so that it responds to all DNS queries like
    "wpad.sss.ccc" or "" with A record as

    I am not too sure if this is possible, but this is required because in my network all desktops have a static IP, we do not use DHCP, but we need to setup WPAD based automatic proxy configuration of Internet browsers.

    Though, quite frankly, I guess my problem must be a common problem, because I am sure quite a few people out there have small and stupid networks, where static IP address is used, and there's complete anarchy with regards to network domain name, public networks or Microsoft Workgroup based networks are common examples of this.

    I hope there's some good hack around here, who can understand, what I am saying, and can suggest some good ideas for souping up the BIND config.

    Thanks in advance to all you super hacks.

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    Wild card will only work with a single domain such as and defined as:
    *    IN   A
    So if you type, IANA — Example domains, all of them will resolved to In short your request is not possible.
    Linux rulz.
    I have never turned back in my life ; I shall not do so today.. haha

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