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Thread: DNS Shutdown master or slave

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    Default DNS Shutdown master or slave

    Hi just like to share, I have some issue before that when I shutdown master or slave dns server all my site is no longer accessible, So I try to read the options for resolv.conf and found this options "options attempts:1 timeout:1 rotate"

    domain yourdomainname
    search yourdomainname or subdomainname
    nameserver # ip addrress of your ns1
    nameserver # ip address of your ns2
    options attempts:1 timeout:1 rotate # add this at the end of the line

    Add options to all your server (www, images... etc) What does this do? If master dns shutdown it will used your ns2 as your name service. So you'll prevent server un accessable. Same with slave shutdown it will used ns1 for name service of all your server.

    I hope this help... cause it take me time to resolve my issue on this.

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    If master dns is down for a domain, resolver will send a request to next available name server.
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