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Thread: Safely grant sudo access

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    Default Safely grant sudo access

    Hello, I will be administering one of the servers and possibly will be asked for more privilidges to instal software etc. What would be the right attitude to such request? I mean shall I add those people to sodoers and hope they will not ruin everything or just instal everything myself. Or is there any other safer way to give them partial rights. I mean sudo is sth that gives them unlipited power if I'm right. Than give it to someone is hazardous. Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    1. Default: deny everything.
    2. Give access only if required and justified by users.
    3. Always assume everything is hackable.
    4. Usually sys admin is responsible for software installtions and many other tasks. So make sure other person understand the security risk involved with running privileged commands.
    5. sudo is a good tool; but do not give access to the editors, file managers and other tools, which may allow user to escape to the root shell.
    6. Keep an eye on sudo log file.
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