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Thread: kernal panic error help mee

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    Default kernal panic error help mee

    kernal panic error
    <o> kernal panic - no 1 - syncing:fatal exception
    Bug : unable to hndle kernal paging request of virtual address bc6331fc printing eip:c 0426774
    * pde=000000
    can any one solve this plb plz rply

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    This looks like a memory error of some kind. Do you have physical access to the server? If so you can try removing memory sticks to find the culprit. Can you provide some more info?

    Is this a new error on a server that has been running for a while?

    Is the system able to boot?

    Check out this tool for debugging memory:

    Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

    If you can describe the actions that led to this, it would be helpful in diagnosing.


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