I have a dnsmasq 2.50-1 installed on ubuntu 8.04 x86_64 LTS.

Squid is configured to use it for dns caching.

In /etc/resolv.conf I have 2 nameservers, my ISP nameserver and
google public dns.

But dnsmasq takes only the first it finds. There is a setting
-all-servers that makes dnsmasq to send requests for all dns
nameservers it finds in /etc/resolv.conf I think and the first answer
is delivered.

Now the problem is that my ISP nameserver replies faster than Google
public DNS and in some cases it does not resolve some addresses
but Google dns does.

If I start dnsmasq with -all-servers it will query both my ISP nameserver
and google public dns, but if my ISP dns replies with no address this
will be server to squid, even if the later answer from other dns servers
does know how to resolve the address the fastest answer wins.

How can I make dnsmasq to query all nameservers and in case
the first answer does not resolve then to query at least one more server?

It this possible ?