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    Default Linux Users Group


    I am planning to start / run and plan a Linux Users Group in my local area. I have noticed upon searching the web that there are not many East of NYC. However NYC is only 20 minutes from where I live if you travel on a express commuter train. However I want to start a local Linux group for users farther east.

    I was hoping that you all can share some thoughts in regards to this. I am planning to start advertising via a great web site, and word of mouth.

    I know that in order to start a linux users group there would be many obstacles to cross. However I may ask the assistance of some friends and colleges and will try my best to locate local talent, to help present at my groups.

    Any ideas? Or help.

    I am hoping to have the groups at Bridgeport Connecticut USA. I know there are some affiliations to report to.

    Here is the other local town / city groups.

    Linux Online - User Groups


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    Default Good initiative man..

    Which thought me to see any groups for Pune.. sadly there is no such groups in Pune.. will create such one today..
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    Setup a group website and start accepting membership.

    You may only get 2-3 members for first meetings but keep going on and start spreading the word. Register your group at various LUG website. For each group meeting add tutorials and live demos and so on...

    More info @ Linux User Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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