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Thread: bind edit/remove/save through web

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    Default bind edit/remove/save through web


    I've a script, with the help of that script i can create domain records into named.conf. This script enter record into named.conf and restart after it has entered the records.

    But now i want that i could open the certain file and named.conf on web and could create/edit/delete the records.

    1. if i need i could open named.conf
    2. if i need i could open the certain domain zone file.

    I don't want to use webmin.
    Can anyone help me to make it with php?? or provide me guideline please.


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    Hello asim.mcp,

    Well I am no php developer. I do use probind which is php based web management suite that is written in php and performs everything that you mentioned you need.

    What I recommend that you do, is download the source code from here:

    ProBIND | Get ProBIND at

    Open the php files and see how it was built. That should give you a great starting point to build your application.



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