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    Post Email Campaign

    Our Company is developing an email marketing cum brand promotion application; this application will be using the our sendmail server for sending out bulk emails. We have already made our mailserver spf, dkim and domain-key compliant; we also have valid reverse dns records records for it. Now our concern is our application will be designed such that our registered clients will be able to send out mass email campaigns using their own email ids - say if our domain is and one of our clients are having their domain as then our clients will be sending out emails using the source address and the mail will be send out using the mail server for
    Now my question is: what needs to be done at my end so that all the recipient email servers can authenticate that as permitted sender for domain ? How do I comply with reverse dns checks, spf, dkim and domain-key data in this case?

    please suggest..

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    Default you have to configure your send mail to forword mails


    In order to accept mails from diffrent domains, you have to configire your mails server's access file(located in /etc/mail) and compile it.. search in Google for it
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    Default E-Mail Marketing

    Basically, it can be any email that companies send out in the form of advertising. Of course, there are a few different approaches to this type of marketing. For example emails that are sent regularly to existing customers of a company, thus strengthening the relationship between them and encouraging them to stay loyal to a certain product or service. The emails can also be sent to potential customers, introducing new products and services encouraging them to buy, or just to encourage repeat business.

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