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Thread: Installing the correct version of RHEL 5 Advanced Platform.

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    Question Installing the correct version of RHEL 5 Advanced Platform.

    Dear Linux Gurus and RedHat Experts,

    I am about to install RHEL 5 Advanced Platform x86-64 on a high end machine with 4 sockets of CPU. However, I only have the subscription number from RedHat and can log on into However there are only one version ISO image per CPU (i386-32,x86-64,powerpc,etc).

    questions :
    1) How to verify that the version is really "RHEL 5 Advanced Platform" ?

    I have read this thread, meaning that this issue has not been solved yet :

    2) After installing the DVD, is it required to connect to redhat network to update the kernel support up to 4 sockets ?

    Any URLS or explanation would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Use x86-64 for 64bit CPU.

    It will automatically install the kernel for 4 socket CPU. You need to worry about that.

    Once installed configure RHN, connect to it and you should able to fetch the updates.
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