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Thread: Samba can not create/modify/delete in share

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    Default Samba can not create/modify/delete in share

    I am running Ubuntu 8.1 as a file server with Samba. I have a share set with owner "usera", group "grpa". I have a user, "userb", in "grpa" that can see all files & folders but can not create/modify/delete?

    "userb" can create/modify/delete in the share when logged in locally or even via telnet, but not via samba from a WinXP box.

    any suggestions?

    Here is the smb.conf:
    path = /usr/local/myshare
    valid users = userb userc
    write list = @grpa
    force group = grpa
    force user = usera
    create mask = 0775

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    Limits set by kernel-level access control such as file permissions, file system mount options, ACLs, and SELinux policies cannot be overridden by Samba. Both the kernel and Samba must permit the user to perform an action on a file before that action can occur.

    In other words, users and groups must have Linux file system permission to write and modify. Add users to group and provide them permission from Linux.
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