Our LAN already has a Mail Server(Exchange). I'm trying to setup a new, private mail server within our LAN. Posted below is a rough sketch of what I have in mind:

ImageShack - Hosting :: mailserverdy7.jpg

The server01 is an existing server and is configured to send mail via the existing mail server. What I want to achieve now is to be able to send specific mails to server02. The idea is to avoid messing with any changes to exisitng mail server. How do I go about achieving this?

From googling and reading thus far, I have arrived at the following:

1. setup sendmail on server02 and allow server01's ip(or maybe the subnet).
2.Create a user in server02 to receive mails specifically from server01
3. somehow have server01 to to send mails destined to server02(to the user account created in step 2 , above)only via smtp to server02 and not the current mail server.(how do I do this?)

Am I roughly in the ballpark here with my plan or am I totally off the mark?

Thanks in advance.